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Welcome to ADA Social Science

ADA Social Science provides a national service for the preservation of and access to data relating to social, political and economic issues, and is the primary facility for the storage of Australian data.. ADA Social Science currently holds over 2000 separate datasets from a variety of academic, government and non-government organisations, covering the spectrum of Australian and international social sciences.

ADA Social Science provides access to a variety of forms of data, including survey (unit record) data, census tables and qualitative and mixed method study content such as interview and focus group materials. ADA Social Science also provides services for the geographical visualization of materials through our GIS visualization facility.

ADA Social Science services include access to thematic data collections, spatial visualisation facilities and a comprehensive data catalogue incorporating over 1500 social science unit record and aggregate datasets.

Data themes

ADA Social Science data themes bring together related data resources in the ADA Social Science collections. These include thematic collections in:

  • Elections and politics
  • Public opinion and social attitudes
  • Health

Thematic data pages are accessible through the "Data Themes" tab.

Data visualisation

ADA Social Science also provides the capacity for geospatial visualisation of a number of our major data series. Data currently accessible using this tool includes:

  • Australian Election Study 2004, 2007 and 2010
  • Australian Survey of Social Attitudes 2005, 2007 and 2009

Visualisation services are accessible through the "GISVIZ" tab.

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