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Australian Data Archive

GISViz - Geospatial Visualisation of Social Science Data

Data collected from social science surveys can be put in a form that allows ease of discovery and interrogation using common spatial analysis and visualisation methods. The GISViz spatial visualisation service for ADA Social Science makes it possible to explore social science data in forms that allow cross disciplinary study, by representing spatially coded ADA data in an online geospatial tool.

GISVis Studies

Studies available through the GISViz tool currently include:

Study ADA ID
Australian Election Study  
Australian Election Study, 2004 01079
Australian Election Study, 2007 01120
Australian Election Study, 2010 01228
Australian Survey of Social Attitudes  
The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, 2005 01088
The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, 2007 01127
The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, 2009 01189


Development of the GISViz tool

The ADA GISViz tool has been developed by Rhys Hawkins from the ANUSF VizLab at the Australian National University. It is built on a variety of open-source technologies including:

  • OpenLayers: web map rendering
  • Postgresql with PostGIS extensions: database
  • jQuery: user interface
  • Ruby on Rails: CMS
  • DDI: metadata
  • Python

The development of the tool is ongoing, and additional datasets from the ADA collection will continue to be added over time. In future, extensions to the GISViz tool should enable the integration of ADA data with geospatial layers and geo-coded data available from other sources.

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