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Australian Data Archive

Australian Election Data


As part of it's collection, ADA holds a variety of data on elector surveys, candidate surveys, media studies, population statistics and electotion results for elections going back to 1987, the first year of the Australian Election Study. The combination of these various resources provides a set of comparative resources for understanding the various influences on voter behaviour from both a micro and macro perspective, exploring a variety of voter, candidate, population and electoral system characteristics.

These resources include:

Australian Election Studies (1987 - 2010)

Australian Candidate Studies (1987 - 2010)

Australian National Political Attitudes Survey (1967 - 1979)

Federal Election Returns (1977, 1996, 2001 - 2007)

Australian Election Database (1856 - Present)

Australian Election Campaign Television News Coverage (2004 - 2007)


In addition, ADA holds two major time series collections of election information:

The Australian Election Database compiled by Campbell Sharman of the University of Western Australia, provide time series information and contextual data relevant to the conduct of elections, voting systems and political parties,

The Australian Public Opinion Polls collection includes several prominent public opinion poll series, that provide time series data on voting preferences, candidate perceptions and political and social attitudes.

The ADA Historical subarchive ABS Census collection includes census data classified by electoral divisions at the time of the census.

Data by election year


Links to the various ADA studies available for a particular election year are detailed below:


Australian Election Study

Australian Candidate Study

Election Results

Media Studies

Other Data
1987 00445 00479-p N/A N/A  
1990 00570 00571-pub N/A N/A Australian Parliamentary Candidates, 1990 Federal Election (00572)
1993 00763 00764-pub N/A N/A Federal Election Exit Poll, 1993 (00770)
1996 00943 00944-pub 00978 N/A  
1998 01001 N/A N/A 40001-40016  
2001 01048 01049-pub 01051 40017-40042  
2004 01079 01081 01130 N/A  
2007 01120 01128 01131 40043-40066  
2010 01228 01229 N/A N/A  

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