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The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes

The Australian Survey of Social Attitudes (AuSSA) is a biennial survey which began in 2003. The Australian Consortium for Social and Political Research, Incorporated (ACSPRI) is the investigator and data collector for the AuSSA surveys since 2012. Developed with the co-operation of social scientists around Australia, AUSSA provides authoritative data on the social attitudes and behaviour of Australians. The Survey is the official source of the International Social Survey Program’s data for Australia.

AuSSA provides the public, scholars, governments, and the media with data on subjects like work and education, government spending and taxes, families, crime, and Australia's place in the world. The core component of the Survey has about 130 questions. These core questions will help us track our social attitudes and activities over time. The rest of the survey consists of modules (including the ISSP module) that deal with specific topics. Some modules will be repeated.
AuSSA is a mail survey that gathers opinions from approximately 1,600 Australians aged 18 or above who are selected randomly from the AEC’s Electoral Roll.

AuSSA data holdings

ADA currently holds the following waves of the Australian Survey of Social Attitudes, all available from the ADA AuSSA data catalogue


Year General access data Restricted data Other data Questionnaire
2003 01070 None None

Versions A & B - Zipped PDF files

2005 01088 01088-r South Australia subset - 01088-sa

Version A - zipped PDF

Version B - zipped PDF

2007 01127 Offline only - available on request to None

Version A - zipped PDF

Version B - zipped PDF

Version C - zipped PDF

2009 01189-Release1June2011 Offline only - available on request to None

Version A - PDF

Version B - PDF

2011 01251 01251-r None

2011 questionnaire - PDF



Offline only - available on request to None 2012 questionnaire - PDF


Offline only - available on request to None 2013 questionnaire - PDF


Offline only - available on request to None

2014 questionnaire - PDF

2015 Available September 2016 To be confirmed None

2015 questionnaire A - PDF

2015 questionnaire B - PDF


The International Social Survey Programme

In addition to providing representative Australian data, the NSSS studies also formed part of the International Social Survey Programme, a continuing annual programme of cross-national collaboration on surveys covering topics important for social science research. Parallel studies were run in countries around the world (now up to 47 countries), and the international modules of the NSSS were conducted to be directly comparable with these other surveys. Since it's inception in 1984, the ISSP has aimed to collect precisely comparable data which reveal similarities and differences between countries on social attitudes, values and politics. Each year, participating nations field a a short self-completion survey module, 15 minute supplements to the regular national survey which add a cross-national perspective to the individual, national studies. The same questions are asked in all countries, with some omissions and occasional variations in question wording and code categories due to language differences. Comparative data from all countries are then processed and distributed by the GESIS Data Archive and Data Analysis (GESIS Data Archive), the ISSP data archive.

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