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Australian Data Archive

Archiving Completed Qualitative Projects

The process for creating data applies specifically to new research projects where data archiving is considered from the outset. For older or already completed projects, the intention to archive may not have been present at the time the research was designed and conducted. In these cases, there is usually considerable work involved in preparing the data for archiving. This may include converting data to digital formats, working through the ethical agreements made at the time of the research to see if archiving is possible, and collating the required accompanying documentation that make analysis by others possible. ADA Qualitative has limited resources and cannot undertake such activities for all but the most important datasets. Please contact ADA for guidance on archiving completed projects and make contact with the archive if you have a completed dataset that meets the criteria for inclusion in the archive.

Initial inquiries about archiving completed projects can be made by filling out the completed projects enquiry form. Please provide as much information as possible to assist us in establishing the feasibility of archiving your data.

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