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Australian Data Archive

ADA Qualitative is managed by a team of qualitative researchers working at the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney with a broader reference panel from the University of Melbourne, the University of Technology Sydney, the University of Western Australia and the Australian National University. The sub-archive has been developed in close consultation with the qualitative research community to ensure that the ethical, epistemological and practical issues relating to archiving and reusing qualitative data, and the needs, concerns and methodological approaches of researchers, are taken into full consideration.

The main function of ADA Qualitative is to archive digital qualitative data generated through social science research, broadly defined. What makes it distinct from other digitized, document-based holdings, such as those already established for Arts and Humanities scholars, is that it will specialize in primary data generated through the research process (i.e. through interviews, observation or focus groups) rather than existing written texts or historical records. Some of these existing texts may end up in the sub-archive but usually as part of a larger data set based on primary data collection.

As a digital archive, we are not in a position to store non-digital data such as audio and video cassettes or hand-written fieldnotes. However, advice can be provided to researchers on digitization processes.

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