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Negotiating the Life Course (NLC)

Negotiating the Life Course (NLC) is a longitudinal study undertaken by the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute, Australian National University and the School of Social Science, University of Queensland.

The Negotiating the Life Course Project is designed to study the changing life courses and decision-making processes of Australian men and women as the family and society move from male breadwinner orientation in the direction of higher levels of gender equity.

To date, the NLS project completed 5 waves of data collection, commencing in 1997, and with the most recent collected in 2009. The first 4 waves of data are deposited with ADA.  Data is collected every 3 years with the same participant via telephone interviewing. The original sample was drawn randomly from the electronic white pages, and comprises participants aged between 18 and 54 years of age.

 The NLC questionnaire includes extensive demographic items, including parental country of birth, employment, occupation and education, respondent's and spouse's place of residence, education, income, housing, religion, health status, birthplace, marital status and household composition. The NLC survey collects data on the substantive areas of relationship and fertility histories, household work, child care arrangements, future objectives, attitudes to work, promotion, children and relationships.


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Available data

There are currently four waves of data available from the NLC project. The NLC data is available under Restricted Access conditions.

Wave Year ADA ID
1 1997 01015
2 2000 01062
3 2003 01078
4 2006 01122
5 2009 Forthcoming

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