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ADA Longitudinal provides a central access point for major longitudinal panel surveys of the Australian population, through the acquisition, archiving and documentation of longitudinal data and research information for long-term archival storage and dissemination. Studies in ADA Longitudinal are drawn from various disciplines including Social Sciences, Education and Public Health. The aim is to provide an infrastructure to the research community, which allows easy access and reuse of longitudinal data, and maintains confidentiality at different levels as required.

The key activities of ADA Longitudinal include extensive preparation of longitudinal data for secondary analysis, providing and developing user-friendly information on data management, preparation and usage, and offering advice to researchers in regards to longitudinal data preparation, management and documentation. In addition, we provide online tools for visualizing pattern in longitudinal data and continuing research about methodological issues in longitudinal data research and information science.

Studies in the ADA Longitudinal collection include:

  • Negotiating the Life Course
  • The Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth
  • Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health
  • Australian Longitudinal Survey of Ageing
  • Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Australia
  • Other longitudinal studies within the ADA collection.

Alongside access to major longitudinal studies, ADA Longitudinal also provides support and information on research methods for longitudinal data collection and analysis. These include the Panimalia visualisation tool to assist researchers in the analysis of transitions and complex social dynamics in longitudinal panel data.

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