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ADA Indigenous is a specialised trusted research data management facility for Australian Indigenous research data, providing a central hub for the preservation of and access to digital research data on topics involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. ADA Indigenous is managed by the ATSIDA group, a team of researchers and experts in indigenous data access based at the Jumbunna House of Learning and the UTS Library at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

ADA Indigenous archives a range of quantitative, qualitative and other digital resources, supported by a range of culturally sensitive on-line access methods; and protocols and metadata schema for the deposit of indigenous data.

As well as ensuring the storage and preservation of data relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, ATSIDA staff work closely with:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities - managing appropriate access and return of digital materials.
  • Researchers - developing data management plans and providing contextual information relating to their research.
  • Higher Education Institutions - identifying nationally significant datasets and research projects as well as assisting with development of strategies to ensure preservation and access to data
  • Government - influencing policies relating to research data, Indigenous research material, Intellectual Property (IP) and moral rights, etc.
  • International Organisations - collaborating with international Indigenous policy developers and researchers.

The ATSIDA team at UTS is guided by a board of internationally recognised experts in Australian Indigenous research. Staff managing the data are experienced professionals in process and information management, Indigenous research and digital preservation management.

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