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ABS Census of Population and Housing


The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has entered into an agreement with the Australian Data Archive to provide historical census data to ADA for preservation and distribution for research purposes. Historical census data here refers to all standard ABS data tables from the 1966 and later censuses which do not relate to the current census or to the census immediately prior to the current census.

At this point in time, the data that can be distributed under the agreement covers the data tables from 1966 to the 2001 censuses.

Availability of Census Data

The Census data files available through ADA Historical are as follows:

  • Files available online are linked directly
  • Files available offline are available on request to ADA

Data files will be progressively brought online into ADA Historical as they are processed.


Table Mnemonic 1961 1966 1971 1976 1981 1986 1991
Collection District Master File CDMF   Online Online Online Online Online  
Collection District Summary File CDSF   14 Files 9 Files 12 Files 7 Files   1 File
Collection District Summary File - Preliminary CDPF       2 Files      
Local Government Area Summary File LGASF   16 Files 8 Files 1 File 2 Files    
Local Government Area Summary File - De Facto LGADEF1       2 Files      
Local Government Area Summary File, Occupations, Industry, Qualifications - De Facto LGADEF2       1 File      
Local Government Area / Geographic Descriptor File LGAD / GDF       1 File 1 File    
Journey to Work Tables JTW Online 4 Files 7 Files        
Aboriginal Collection District Summary File ABCDSF       3 Files      
Australian/Federal Electoral Division Summary File AEDSF / FEDSF       1 File 1 File    
Urban Centres Summary File UCSF         1 File    
Postcode Summary File PCSF           1 File  
Statistical Local Area Summary File SLASF           1 File  
ASCO/CCLO Link File ASCO           Online  
Socio-economic Indicator File SES           1 File  
Detailed / Special Tables DT   Online 5 Files       Online

Detailed descriptions of the 1966 - 1986 census data files are located at:

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