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Australian Data Archive

Welcome to ADA Crime and Justice

The ADA Crime and Justice archive provides access to major collections of data in law and justice, including:

  • crime and criminal justice
  • policing and security
  • civil justice
  • policy, regulation and institutions 

These collections include content from across Australian and international jurisdictions.


Australian Institute of Criminology

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) is Australia's national research and knowledge centre on crime and justice. The Institute seeks to promote justice and reduce crime by undertaking and communicating evidence-based research to inform policy and practice. 

The Australian Institute of Criminology is responsible for undertaking research projects that capture the social, economic, technological and policy-related aspects of a range of crime and justice issues. These projects aim to improve knowledge of issues such as the costs of crime; access to justice, fraud; the detection and reduction of crime; violence; weapons, drug use, victims and offenders. A summary of the AIC research program is available from the AIC website at:

The AIC collection deposited with ADA includes a variety of research data sets associated with these projects. These include:

  • AIC datasets that have been fully processed and are available through the ADA online catalogue
  • AIC datasets that have been recently deposited with the archive, and are currently being processed for release (see overview here)

The National Criminal Justice Research Data Network (NCJRDN)

The National Criminal Justice Research Data Network (NCJRDN) project provides a web based data repository that holds criminal justice data currently maintained by data custodians across Australia. There is growing demand for quantitative research in the criminal justice sector where government agencies are increasingly calling on researchers and criminologists to provide the evidence base to enable efficient service provision and for the development of effective crime prevention/reduction strategies.

The NCJRDN provides a web-based service through which researchers can obtain information about, and access to, an array of criminal justice research datasets and data analysis tools. This includes criminal justice data which is already routinely collected from administrative datasets.

Criminology studies

This collection includes data from studies conducted by criminology researchers around Australia.


Law and Justice

Policing and Security: the ARC Centre for Excellence in Policing and Security (CEPS)

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security (CEPS) was established by the ARC in 2007 to boost policing and security research capacity in Australia amid the growing complexity and internationalisation of transnational crime in the post 9/11 environment.

Legal institutions and processes

The Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet) is a research group within the College of Asia and Pacific at the Australian National University. It is also a network of institutions, practitioners and academics involved in exploring and understanding critical domains of regulation. This collection provides access to data from studies conducted by members of RegNet on legal institutions, regulatory systems and public administration.

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