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Australian Data Archive

Searching the ADA data holdings



To search the archive, simply type your search terms into the search box above.

Note that your search terms are cumulative - the search engine will search for all terms within your search expression, against information about studies in the archive, and variables within each study.

If you search for a term from within an ADA subarchives, the search will automatically limit the results to the studies within that subarchive.

Search results

The table of search results has two sets of results - Studies and Variables. Select the tab at the top of the table to alternate between the two. You can also move between a short Title view (listing study title, author, year and ID number only), and a more detailed Extended view (which includes abstracts and other additional information).


Search Results


Filtering your results

To restrict the results of your search, you can use the ADA search filtering system. Click on an archive at left to filter the results by archive (and by other fields). Clicking on a filter term under the filter will limit the search results to studies that contain that term.

To remove the filter (and return an expanded set of results), click on the (-) symbol.

Viewing studies and variables

Once you have found a study of interest, click on the study title (or variable label in Variable view) to open the study page and view complete information about the data you are interested in.

Saving searches

If you would like to save the results of your search, click on the "Save Search" button at the top of the table.

To use a previously saved search, select the "Saved Searches" option in your Profile section at the top right of screen.

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