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Deposit Forms

In order to distribute your data, ADA needs to gather sufficient information to provide a description of your data, and an appropriate license to authorise us to distribute your data.

There are two ADA deposit forms that are used for this purpose: an ADA deposit information form, and an ADA deposit license form. One set of these forms should accompany each study deposited at the Australian Data Archive, as part of your set of files for your data deposit (see How to Deposit Data for further details).

Should you have any queries about the content requested for depositing with ADA, please contact us.

Licence Form (PDF)

This form determines how the data and associated materials may be used after they have been deposited at ADA. If the conditions on the Licence Form do not meet your requirements or you find the legal terminology confusing, please contact ADA.

Deposit Form (PDF)

The information on this form will be used to provide the information for the ADA study description and catalogue entry for your data set. The details will be important in enabling future users to understand the data. It also asks for details of all files that are being deposited and will be used by ADA staff for reading and checking the files.

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