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ADA User Undertakings

As part of our data access requirements, ADA requires you to complete a signed undertaking before being approved to download data. These undertakings are to recognise the access conditions for your use of ADA data, and may include a request for information about your intended use of the data. In general, approval to download data will only be provided for staff members of research organisations, students conducting higher degrees by research and other authorised research purposes.

Students are required to provide additional information, including contact details of their supervisor in order to be approved for download access (online analysis of unrestricted data is available to all registered users).

There are three forms of undertaking, which relate to the access conditions under which the depositor provided the data to ADA :

1. General user undertaking - Download PDF

This undertaking is completed by any user before you complete your first download of unrestricted (general access) data. We recommend completing this undertaking once you have completed your ADA registration.

Note: If you completed the previous general user undertaking with ASSDA (prior to August 2011), your undertaking will carry over to ADA and you will not be asked to complete a new general undertaking.

2. Restricted access user undertaking - Download PDF

If the depositor of a dataset has specified that the data can only be supplied with their express permission, you will need to complete an Application to Access Restricted Data (available through your Profile page, or from the Nesstar data download page).

Refer to the Data Access section of a Study Page in the ADA Data Catalogue to determine if a dataset is restricted.


3. Special access undertakings

Certain depositors have required that access to their data include completion of a specialised User Undertaking form prior to the release of data. The ADA User Support staff will provide you with the relevant undertaking if this is required.

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