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Requesting Access to data from ADA

In line with ADA's data access conditions, approval is required for the study you are interested in to:

  • Download data files from studies with general access
  • Analyse or download data from studies with restricted access data
  • Analyse or download data from some special access studies (see below)

This can be done by submitting a Request for Data Access from your personal User page. (Note: you need to be a registered user and logged in to make an access request). When you log in (or select the View Profile button), you will see the Request Access options at the top of the page:

Request Access Image

To start a request, simply select the data type you would like to request. This will bring up the request form (below).

If you would like to request multiple studies at a time, simply add these to the request by selecting the additional studies you are interested in using the Shift or Control keys (Windows) or Shift or Command keys (Mac).

Access request


Special Access Requests

The majority of ADA data is available for download by completing a General or Restricted Access data access request. However, in some circumstances depositors require additional information from users. 

The studies in the following table require completion of a special access request form. The PDF link provides access to the relevant special data access request forms. These forms are in PDF format, and may be printed, scanned and then returned to ADA via email at

On receipt, ADA will then forward the request to the depositor for approval. You should allow for a time delay whilst their application is being processed. When your access has been authorised, ADA will contact you and may also advise you to complete a special undertaking form.

Study ID Form
Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health 01017 Link
Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth

1995 - 01010; 1998 - 01039;

2003 - 01111; 2006 - 01137;

2009 - 30023

National Drug Strategy Household Survey 00824; 00862; 00979; 01016; 01050; 01082; 01139 PDF
Staff in Australia's Schools 01153-56 PDF

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